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         Reasonable Secrets

What is a Reasonable Secret?

Definition; A personally definable decision by an individual to share or withhold information from others which they are not yet ready to disclose or that they feel may impact negatively on the persons they care about.

Reasonable Secrets is the first release of original music by Colin Slack. The Compact Disc was recorded at Concept Audio in Kingston, Ontario, the studio responsible for independent releases by performers including Georgette Fry, The Glorious Sons, Emily Fennell, David Archibald, Cliff Edwards (The Bells), The Abrams Brothers, the Kingston Chamber Choir and numerous others. Recording, engineering and mastering was meticulously completed by Duncan Holt who also co-produced the project with Colin Slack.

Musicians appearing on the recording include;

  • Colin Slack, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals and harmony vocals, bass on track 9.

  • Duncan Holt, drums, percussion and guidance.

  • Chloe Slack, Vocals on "Are You Sending?"

  • John Wilberforce, bass on tracks 2,3,8,10, 13 and 15.

  • Zak Colbert, bass on tracks 1,4,6,7,12 and 14.

  • Larry Stafford, keyboard on "Are You Sending?"

  • Jennifer Tinsdale, cello on "Has Your Life Become A Lie?"

  • Paul Harding wrote and charted the cello arrangement for "Has Your Life Become A Lie?"

All photos for the project were taken by Noah Slack.

Manufacturing, artwork editing and CD pressing were completed by Kathy and Dave Dawe at Summit Sound Incorporated recording studio in Westport, Ontario.

"It's Not Class or Distinction that tears away hearts. It's just this conflict of interest. It keep us apart and gives us Trouble in Paradise."

Excerpt from "Trouble in Paradise", C Slack, 1982.

"He had his back against the wall, and I watched him look behind me. Tracking movements
 and defenses, windows to a troubled soul."
Line from "Has Your Life Become a Lie?", C.Slack, 2017.

"Don't be worried about the past, all the problems can not last, all the pictures fade away, morning blues and eyes of jade and I don't know what to say."

"Cutting Out", C Slack, 1984.

Where Can I purchase this CD?

  • contact Colin Slack - colin.slack@outlook.com to purchase a CD directly

  • visit CD Baby, itunes or spotify to purchase or download the CD